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Welcome to Otherkin Phenomena!

Otherkin are people who believe themselves to be something other than a human being on a spiritual, psychological, energetic and some even on a biological level, and choose to identify with that non-human fragment of themselves to the point where they count it as a permanent and ingrained part of their personal mythology and/or identity.

Otherkin Phenomena is a site dedicated to the study of truth, whether it be the truth or our beliefs, or the truth of anything from an event to the meaning of life. It is the belief here that only through civil discussion ranging from brainstorming and sharing of ideas up to friendly debate that we can strip away the myths that come about as a result of any number of variables and discover the truth within.

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Quote of the Moment:
Vantalus: a friend with w*** is a friend indeed :P ...
Xanthus: And a friend who gets his stash in his glove compartment found by the cops and has to pay around $600 in my brother. :roll: